Quilt Barns

We can’t talk about Quilt Barns without paying homage to our dear friend, Donna Sue Groves.  In 2001, as a gift to her mother, Donna Sue had a local artist replicate a square of her mother’s favorite quilt. The artwork was produced on a 8’x8′ piece of plywood and put on the front side of the barn. A movement was born! Since that time, over 21 of our United States showcase quilt barn trails and over 2,000 quilt barn works of art dot the landscape.

Quilt Barns are a unique public art component and serve to enhance any community. They also pay respect to the history of a county and the citizens who tended to the land and cared for our local farms. Quilt Barns are not exclusive to barns. You’ll find them on local businesses, garages, bridges and on private residences. There are no rules.

The Arts Alliance, so far, as a unique approach to the Quilt Barns featured in the Warren County, Ohio region. At this time, we have three Quilt Barns on our trail. Each feature original artwork, but all are inspired by the location that it resides.

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The Fleck Flower

Installed: 2010
Fleckenstein Park
3824 Mason-Montgomery Rd
Mason, OH 45040

Nestled among the green, rolling landscape of Fleckenstein Park sits Warren County’s first Quilt Barn – the Fleck Fern. With original design by local artist and sculptor Denny Means, the gold, blue and red flower is tailor made for the historic barn. The work is 8′ x 8′ and was created on MDO sign board. The top layer is finished with masonite and a total of four gallons of paint were used. There are more than 14 different colors on the artwork, and seven colors were hand mixed by the artist.

The King’s Crown

Installed: 2011
Carter Park
1720 East King Ave
Kings Mills, OH 45034

The King’s Crown is another original design by local artist, Denny Means. Designed to recognize the success of Ahimaaz King and his Powder Keg Factory in Kings Mills, Ohio, the beautiful work of art dons layers and layers of paint and varnish and showcases the Triad Color Scheme.

The Circle Game

Installed: 2013
The Arts Bungalow
Cottell Park
5847 Irwin Simpson Rd
Mason, OH 45040

Oh…how we love The Circle Game. The work of art was inspired by the book, The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds. The basic message of this beautiful book instills the idea that within each of us is an artist. And all of our art matters. This collaborative work of art was created by summer art campers under the direction of Denny Means. Everyone had a hand in this piece, including summer camp counselors and the Deerfield Township Parks Department. It can be found on the side wall of the Arts Bungalow at Cottell Park in Deerfield Township.

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