The Arts Alliance ART BAR…more than art making

Something kind of special happens when you put a group of people together who have never attempted to conquer an art project.

They are a little fearful. They aren’t afraid that they won’t know how. They are afraid that they will fail. They are afraid that their project won’t be museum worthy.

We’re here to tell you…let yourself go. Let yourself just be. Let yourself make mistakes. Let yourself create. The rewards are amazing.

Our ART BARs are a social experiment in confidence, friend making, wine drinking, and merriment. As the instructor introduces herself and the project at hand, you can see the “I can’t even draw a stick figure” look on participants faces. But then, something starts to happen.  Participants put their hand on the materials. Their senses are awakened by the touch of a piece of stained glass. You can see them start to calculate an idea and sparks fly.

Last night at our February ART BAR All-Heart, artist Valerie Sherwood Rask of Sherwood Art Glass shared her talent and years of knowledge to help our 29 participants create what we called All-heART stained glass sun catchers. THEN…the soldering irons came out.  Our participants magically created the most beautiful pieces and then embellished each with beads.

Here’s what we hope comes from ART BAR…we hope to break down barriers of “can’t” to “can”, we hope that you relax and enjoy time with yourself and friends, and we hope you see and appreciate the artist process in a whole new light. But, most of all, we hope you that you realize that you “can”! Because after all, stick people are people too.

See you for the next ART BAR in March when we’ll make Hula Weaves with artist Amy Watson. GOOD, Groovy fun!

ART BAR HULA WEAVES – More Information and Registration


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